EquipAxxess Ltd can help you design a purchasing strategy that meets your business needs through effective procurement. We look at your company’s objective in order to advise the best way how we can support you.



Whatever your priorities EquipAxxess Ltd can help you develop measurable targets that define your success. Our experise provides you with the necessary business intelligence to apply knowledge based decision making to the purchasing process. We review, develop, design and implement procurement strategies for our clients.



Our clients benefit from the following:


  • Business intelligence
  • Risk reduction
  • Supplier selection
  • Procurement process


Outsourcing allows your business to use our expertise knowledge and providing you access to our extensive networks.


Success starts with strategy. EquipAxxess Ltd will provide an innovative approach and assist with single or multi-source contracts by identifying potential partners and aid in selecting the right product and service through research. We will help structure the way services are procured to meet your business needs with the optimal mix of industry leading service levels, innovation, risk mitigation and full life-cycle cost.


We will help identify potential partners and aid in selecting the right partner through research to reduce lead times without compromising quality. We provide advice whether to select commercial off-the shelf solutions and adjust your internal business process to fit, or to source a bespoke solution that fits with the way you work.


Success needs effective negotiation. EquipAxxess Ltd will help you secure your goals.


We will ensure that your business objectives are met by offering you a bespoke service, as and when you require it.


Our experience enables us to bring the best from a range of sectors for all companies alike.



Inspection & Packing

Our highly experienced warehouse operators will ensure that all documentation is accurate to ensure a stress free shipping


Services provided include:

  • Pre-shipment service
  • Item consolation
  • Storage service
  • Shipment inspections
  • Excellent reporting service



Before items are exported we can consolidate your order at our warehouse and arrange pre-shipment inspections.


To ensure that your freight is accompanied by the correct paperwork we can help you to arrange:

  • Certificates of Origin
  • Customs entries
  • Letters of Credit
  • Packing list and commercial invoices
  • Sea freight Bills of Lading
  • Movement Certificates- EUR1 / ATR



To ensure your products arrive safe and well it is important that packing is properly packed.  Good packing can also reduce the volume of your shipment. Our own packers are experienced in securing all types of freight, including building ply or timber cases tailored to your needs.

Our export packing offers:


  • Professional packing service
  • Re-packing to reduce volume
  • Clear shipping labels
  • Pallet boxes available
  • Tailor-made crates
  • Competitive pricing

Freight & Courier Services

We like to ensure we offer the best and most competitive air freight services therefore we work with the biggest providers to maintain the keenest rates from the world’s leading airlines.


Our air freight service offers:


  • Airport to airport
  • VAirport to door
  • Door to door


We apply the same attention to quality and costs to our Sea freight services. From single pallet loads through to full containers, conventional cargo or Ro-ro, we will ensure we offer the most reliable shipping lines at competitive prices.


We can load and unload all types of freight at our warehouse including engineering equipment and can offer freight insurance if required.


By working with some of the largest courier wholesalers, we can utilise their bulk buying power with a number of trusted suppliers to ensure that we provide you with highly competitive rates for your courier shipments.


Our courier service includes:


  • Door to door delivery of parcels and packages
  • Available worldwide
  • Reliable courier service
  • Shipping Labels
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Competitive rates







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